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Embracing the values of Respect, Sanctity of Life and Love & Care, LITTLE EDEN is a registered non-profit organisation [001-827 NPO and PBO No.930/0000/03] providing life-long care to children and adults with profound intellectual disability, in two custom designed facilities geared to helping them reach their full potential.


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LITTLE EDEN wishes to acknowledge Newsclip Media Monitoring for their generous support of the Society since 2003, by providing our organisation with pro-bono services. The services that are being rendered to us on a regular basis continue to be of exceptional value to LITTLE EDEN as it enables us to continuously monitor the effectiveness of our marketing and public relations campaigns throughout the year.


LITTLE EDEN wishes to thank the National Lotteries Commission for the continued support we have received over the years. This has made a visible difference to the service we provide and has added value to the lives of our special children with intellectual disabilities. The continued generosity of special donors like the NLC will ensure that our precious residents will continue to live the life they truly deserve, despite the threatening funding landscape that we currently face.


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Children like Sindi need all the encouragement you can give

Have you ever been served a cooldrink in a cafe and reached for the drinking straw without a second thought? Sindi would give anything to be able to do that ... grasp a straw in her hand.

During a recent group multidisciplinary session (physiotherapy, combined with music and speech therapy), the children were given straws to assist with breath control and pursing of the lips.

All the other children were able to pick up the straw and bring it towards their lips. But Sindi could not grip the straw. We tried to help her, but this only upset her. It was clear that she wanted to do it on her own. Again and again she tried, but she could not manage it.

Thatís when Busi, one of the other children in the group shouted out encouragement, ďKeep going, Sindi!Ē

It was one of those moments that brings a lump to your throat. Despite their disabilities, these children understand each otherís struggles and feel empathy, kindness and friendship. And thatís why itís so important for us to give them wholehearted love and acceptance in return.

We show them we love them every time we lift them gently from their wheelchairs, bath and dress them and make them comfortable ... Every time we sing or talk to them ... Every time we lift a spoon of food to their mouths or massage stiff little limbs ... Every time we praise them and share their triumph at mastering a new skill ...

And every time someone like you steps forward and joins the circle of encouragement, love and goodwill that surrounds every child at LITTLE EDEN.


Your involvement is just as important as that of the care-givers, professional therapists and volunteers who add variety and richness to their lives.

So please will you get involved by making your contribution today? Any amount you can spare makes a difference to the quality of care we can provide . . . and gives children like Sindi all the help they need to try and try again to be the best they can be.



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Fresh pecan nuts from our orchard

Delicious pecan nuts hand picked from our orchard are available to purchase from LITTLE EDEN. Available shelled or whole. Click here for a price list.

Remember all proceeds go towards caring for the children and adults with intellectual disabilities in our care.

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Let's keep in touch via email

We are currently looking at various ways to try and minimise costs and to save where we can. Please let us have your email address (if you haven't already done so) so that we can email thank you letters and receipts and save on postage costs. Thank you!

SMS to donateDonate R10 per month by phone

Please sms EDEN to 31239 @ 50c to opt-in for your MONTHLY contribution of R10. Should you wish to opt-out sms Stop EDEN to 31239 @ 50c.

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After many requests from our monthly donors, we have decided to save on postage by sending thank you letters with receipts only twice a year, together with your In Touch Newsletter, in January and May.

Should you wish to receive your receipts more regularly, kindly inform us at or call the office on 011 609 7246 and ask to speak to Nichollette Muthige.