If you met Rachel, you would not believe that this tiny tot is three years old.


When we opened our Home and hearts to Rachel earlier this year, she weighed just 4.2kg. Not much more than a newborn baby!


But inside that tiny body is a ferocious spirit. Despite her stunted growth and profound intellectual disability, Rachel has a powerful determination – not only to live, but to enjoy life to the full. Her favourite treat is to lie in the little Lego wagon and get pulled along the pathway, greeting everyone she sees. She also loves snacks … especially cheese curls!


Seeing how hard Rachel strives every day to make the most of the life she’s been given, makes us determined that her first Christmas at LITTLE EDEN will be special – with a brightly wrapped gift from Santa’s sack, tasty treats, and all the love and joy she deserves.


But Rachel is just one of 300 special ‘angels’ here. And all of them deserve the best we have to give. That’s why we’re hoping you’ll reach out to them by sending your Christmas contribution now.


Many of our fundraising events and activities had to be cancelled for the sake of safety. And, to make matters worse, we have not been able to allow visitors to the Homes to meet our angels, witness the work carried out here on a daily basis or to be informed of our needs. Even our friends who unfailingly attend our annual Christmas Concerts will have to watch them online this year.


But now, the promise of Christmas shines like a big star in the sky. It’s time to let
ourselves be filled with renewed hope and joy. And time to plan ways to ‘touch’ all those we love and let them know that they haven’t been forgotten.


We have so much love to give our special ‘angels’ – and we’re sure that you do too. Please will you keep them close to your heart, and remember them with a special gift this festive season?


Your gift of R250, R500, R1 000 or any amount will be such a blessing – and you can make it right here online … and be with us in spirit, part of the joy and excitement of Christmas at LITTLE EDEN.
Make a donation

Our dedicated staff will be on duty throughout the holidays … even on Christmas Day … to make sure children are fed, bathed, changed and occupied with toys or music or are taken outside in a wheelchair, on a bike or in the little Lego wagon!


But it’s your support that provides the food, soap and clothing … the toys and wheelchairs and bikes.


Thank you for being part of our LITTLE EDEN family. Many of our children have no family of their own. That’s why your love and care means so much.


May you also be blessed with precious moments spent with those you love most this Christmas. And may 2021 bring you renewed hope, peace and safety.

Angels come in all shapes and
sizes! Please help give them
a Christmas to remember.

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