Coronavirus Outbreak: National Lockdown

Additional precautionary measures at LITTLE EDEN

Following the President’s announcement of a National lockdown in South Africa, LITTLE EDEN has implemented additional measures, including the closure of both Homes to the public.

Mandela Day 2020 – a day like no other in our history!


For the first time ever, we will unfortunately NOT be able to welcome friends, supporters and volunteers into our Homes, owing to the risk of Covid-19 infection. Your cheerful companionship, help with fun activities, and generous treats and gifts for the children this Mandela Day will be sadly missed!


But even though we’re apart, we can still connect. The team at LITTLE EDEN has been busy recording a special tour of our Homes to make sure you can still see the special angels you’ve come to know and love. Please visit our website on Saturday 18 July to watch the video.


And if you can, please get involved in helping to make our Mandela Wish List come true.


We’re hoping well wishers like you might gift our special angels with new single bed duvet covers and matching pillowcases. As they drift off to sleep, they really will be enfolded in your loving kindness!


We’re now able to accept donations of items at Little Eden in Edenvale. Duvet covers in neutral shades are best for the older residents at Elvira Rota Village, while bright colours or neutrals would suit the children at DDHH.

If you don’t have time to drop off items yourself, why not order online and have the goods delivered to us?

Even easier – you can simply make a cash donation online right now which will be used towards this special need.

We also need to stock our charity shop now that it’s finally open to the public again! So if you have any good second hand clothing, shoes or linen you no longer need, please drop these items off with us.

If you prefer to give of your time, why not use your 67 Mandela Day minutes to collect clothing for us? Students will receive community service letters for the time spent on this activity.

Despite the pandemic that keeps us apart, your caring presence is very much part of our lives  every day at LITTLE EDEN. Many of our special angels remember the visits from friends like you, and will be overjoyed to see you again when it is permitted.


Above all, we thank you for your prayers, messages of encouragement and continued financial support in helping us shoulder the burden of the COVID-19 pandemic. God bless you.

Mandela Day video

Enjoy a virtual visit to our Homes this Mandela Day. Click to start video above.

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