Coronavirus Outbreak: National Lockdown

Additional precautionary measures at LITTLE EDEN

Following the President’s announcement of a National lockdown in South Africa, LITTLE EDEN has implemented additional measures, including the closure of both Homes to the public.

Carers show strength and love as Coronavirus changes everything


Hats off to our amazing staff and volunteers, who have responded with strength, grace and compassion to the challenges of caring for children and adults with profound intellectual disability in this time of Covid-19.


Most of our special angels don’t understand why their carers are wearing masks and keeping their distance, where once there would have been hugs and cuddles. Nor do they understand why beloved moms and other family members never come to visit anymore.


Not being able to explain the situation to them makes it all the more heartbreaking for our dedicated staff. But protecting the residents has to come first.


That’s why, when a taxi strike left some staff without transport to work, they walked all the way from Germiston to our Edenvale Home, just to make sure they would be there for the children. If that’s not dedication, we don’t know what is!


Staff also went out of their way to help young Bo in Lilac Wing. Apart from being intellectually challenged, Bo is deaf. Being able to lip read is vital for communication. And that’s impossible with her carers now wearing masks.


Poor Bo felt cut off and miserable. Until her carers came up with the idea of using pictures to communicate with her.


But, as they dig deep to give even more of themselves, our dedicated staff and volunteers need encouragement and support too.


Please show your support by making your donation now.
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Your gift will be put to immediate use towards the cost of providing food, clothing, therapy and medication for children and adults with profound intellectual disability.


But more than that – it sends a wonderful message of love and support to those who care for these special angels and see to their every need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Thank you and may God bless you.

Little Eden Carers

Every day in every way our carers fill our residents’ days with love and joy. Please partner with them – by contributing towards the cost of food, clothing, therapy and medicines. Together, we can give these special angels the lives they deserve.

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