Life under lockdown

We’ve all experienced how the strict regulations of lockdown hamper meaningful, personal interactions. Here at LITTLE EDEN, the therapy team has had to turn to the internet to find ways of bridging these gaps. They’ve sent parents photos and videos of their loved ones and their progress in the Home. Residents have also been encouraged..

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child with profound intellectual disability

Boitumelo – sharing the joy

Boitumelo (which means “joy” or “happiness” in Tswana) arrived at LITTLE EDEN in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, and had to complete a compulsory two weeks of isolation for her safety and that of the other residents. But this did not dampen her bubbly personality. From the moment she arrived, she greeted everyone with..

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We are learning to write our names!

Three years ago, we introduced our Starter Literacy Programme with 15 residents at Elvira Rota Village. Today, 54 residents participate in the weekly programme, learning pre-numeracy and pre-literacy at their own level and pace, and the programme has been adapted and extended to DDHH with the focus on early childhood developmental milestones. The impact of..

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Worth repeating

This message from our Chairman, Rev Douglas (Doug) Boake, was published in our annual report. We think it’s worth a second look. The world’s Governments, businesses, families and individuals have huge issues to overcome and challenges ahead – financial, work, unemployment, hunger and health. At the same time, we all have to look deeper into..

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Unexpected challenge of Covid-19

Adèle Rigoigne, a Fidesco volunteer from France, describes an unexpected challenge caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Working with Godfrey while wearing a mask is not easy at all. Godfrey is chatty and he enjoys repeating every word I say. However, recently he has not been able to do this because my English is not perfect..

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Volunteer with child

Helping hands make light work

Pictured above: Sarah Potié, one of the Fidesco volunteers at LITTLE EDEN, recently returned to France. We thank her and all our other volunteers for their service and commitment to our special ‘angels’. The late Founders of LITTLE EDEN, Domitilla and Danny Hyams, attributed the success of the organisation to the concept of “helping hands”..

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